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If you have previously only participated in face-to-face consultations with Alexander Dietetics please follow the link below and complete the medical questionnaire:

If you have previously registered for email consultations the medical questionnaire does not need to be completed again, unless your medical circumstances have changed since your initial registration, or you have additional medical information you need to share with us. Please click the link above if you need to complete the form again.


Have you previously sent us a referral? If so, is it still current? If we have a current referral for you on file we will issue a receipt that can be used for claim purposes.

If you need to send us a new or updated referral, please refer to the instructions below:

Enhanced Primary Care Referrals:

If you have been referred by a doctor through an EPC, a copy of any new referral will need to be sent to us BEFORE a receipt can be issued for claim purposes.

Please ensure that a full description of your medical condition is included with the EPC as this is required by law.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Referrals:

If you have a new DVA referral this needs to be forwarded to us – we will then send a DVA Service Voucher for you to sign.

EPC and DVA referrals can be forwarded to us via one of the following methods:

Email (preferred):
Post: Alexander Dietetics, 11 Brushwood Ave, Kincumber NSW 2251

Private Heath Fund:

No referral is required to claim through your Private Health Fund. Please contact your fund for details.


Please be assured that Alexander Dietetics is governed by the Dietitians Association of Australia and the British Dietetic Association Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics. All information supplied will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

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