Who Should Use Us

Alexander Dietetics can help if you…

  • Are looking to lose weight through sustainable healthy eating
  • Have had, or are considering having, obesity surgery (such as Lap Banding)
  • Require help to manage high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other conditions related to Metabolic Syndrome
  • Suffer from food intolerance’s such as wheat, dairy, salicylates and amines etc
  • Suffer from Irritable Bowel, Coeliac or Crohn’s Disease, other digestive problems or adverse food reactions
  • Have problems with disordered eating or want to recover from an eating disorder
  • Enjoy regular exercise or sport and wish to improve your nutrition to optimise your performance
  • Believe your social group, sporting group or work group would benefit from learning to improve their eating habits, or maybe lose weight
  • Are pregnant, menopausal, or require assistance with family meal planning
  • Are recovering from surgery or cancer therapy
  • Are frail or elderly (or are caring for a family member)
  • Are an Aged Care Facility requiring nutritional help for residents, help with menu design or help preparing for a Food Authority Audit

If your particular point of concern is not listed above please contact us as we may still be able to help!


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