It may seem that the strategies I am suggesting take a lot of effort, but unfortunately I don’t have a magic wand. Making lifestyle changes requires commitment and ongoing effort. You can think, dream or wish all you like but unless you spend the time planning for the necessary changes little will be achieved long term.

Long term is the problem. Fad diets (another future blog topic) for a quick fix are ok for a few weeks, but do not offer a long term solution and generally all the weight lost from the fad diet will be regqined once you stop.

As mentioned in Part 1 of this blog – be honest with yourself and design your changes in small achievable goals with a preset date for achievement and review.

Below are some skills and strategies to help develop and maintain your changes:

  • Keep a diary and learn to recognise the things you do well and achieve easily (like eating a healthy breakfast) and the stumbling blocks that hinder your progress (for instance unhelpful habits like always wanting to nibble while watching TV)
  • Identify each of your pitfalls and develop each of your strengths
  • Learn problem solving skills and address pitfalls quickly but one at a time
  • Always think and plan ahead – meals, shopping, exercise, social events
  • Create an Action Plan. Include the “what”, “when” and “how” of all your changes
  • Keep goals realistic and achievable – one small step at a time
  • Network and mentor with family and friends – don’t try to do everything on your own
  • Try to serve the same basic meal to the whole family without having to prepare something totally different for yourself
  • Choose a non-food related treat as a reward for reaching every goal
  • Maintain a sense of balance – never say “never”. Choose one or two days a week for your favourite food (as long as this is safe within your medical requirements)
  • Be patient and avoid “Behavioural Fatigue”. This generally happens when we become bored with the changes we have made and sabotage our achievements

Please remember that I am here to help


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