Because everyone in contact with our website presents with different problems, I have chosen a topic relevant to us all. We all have the same basic aim – to improve our health. And to improve our health we need to commit to making lifestyle changes.

Receiving your meal plan is only the first step. The hard bit is to maintain the changes that we make. I often explain to patients that if the new regime becomes a battle then I can guarantee that you will lose the fight.

I remember saying to my children before an exam “ Enjoy today”. They thought I was mad. But the best guarantee of success is to enjoy what you are doing.

Another good but challenging secret to success is to plan ahead and then to make sure you keep to the plan. We need to allocate time to our wellbeing the same way we do for other commitments like making sure the laundry is done or that the bills are paid on time. However there are 3 pre-requisites to achieving life-style changes:

  • Believing you can successfully make the necessary changes
  • Being truthful with yourself about whether you are motivated to make changes
  • Enjoying the changes so they last

Do you usually make any New Year’s Resolutions? Lets reflect on those New Year’s resolutions and whether we maintained them for even one week.  Were they realistic or just pipe dreams?

Write down just two realistic goals that you are confident can be achieved. Set a date within the next two weeks to achieve goal number one.

Think about your goals for the next 24 hours. Do the above pre-requisites apply?

If not then modify your goals until the pre-requisites ring true.

Small steps rather than quantum leaps will keep us on track. Once you have achieved your first goal, the good feeling of success will keep you feeling positive about achieving your next goal.


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